Enviro Truck

Awareness Creation on Environment Protection and Clean Energy Generation

A bus was converted into Enviro Truck during the 2017 RESE International Conference with an objective to create awareness among younger generation in particular and the public in general. As a prelude to the upcoming RESE 2019 from 12-14 December 2019 the college is determined to promulgate the dire need for afforestation, protection and maintenance of water bodies, recycling of waste, reduction of carbon footprint, and cheaper option to popularize alternate energy. The truck has 10 models depicting the utility of clean energy. The college has trained some of the student volunteers to demonstrate the same to school students. The mandate is to cover all the schools in Pollachi Education District.

MCET student volunteers

MCET student volunteers oriented to create awareness to the next generation.

Viswadeepthi Mat. Hr. Sec. School

Students of Viswadeepthi Mat. Hr. Sec. School witnessing the models.

Shaanthi Mat. Hr. Sec. School

Students of Shaanthi Mat. Hr. Sec. School showing enthusiasm in visiting the Enviro Truck.

Vishwa Shishya Vidhyodhaya School

Student Volunteer explaining to Vishwa Shishya Vidhyodhaya School students.


Jk public HR Sec School children witnessing Enviro Truck. NSS volunteers Vijayashiman and Mohanasundari are on board with faculty Dr.Shanmugasundaram.


on 14/09/19 over 300 farmers gathered in our campus to attend Jal Sakthi Abhiyaan event. We seized the opportunity and showcased our Enviro Truck to the farmers.